Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Many Possibilities!

It's been a few days and a couple of fusing firings, but each in its own time.  This firing was a center piece for a wall jewel.  I wanted to create bubbles with baking soda.  Went a little heavy handed and got a large bubble that imploded and a smaller one that the surface just dented.  I ground the piece to fit.  I like the effect.  It has distinct possibilities.  I have to smoke the piece to get a real sense of what it will look like.  Colour?  Another consideration.  So many possibilities, so little time.!  Sigh...

Here is the piece with light going through it.

One technical detail to sort out yet is the bubble that imploded had very sharp edges.  Fire polish?

A day with possibilities presenting themselves is one to be thankful for!