Monday, October 26, 2009


I've discovered that developing new habits takes work. It seems that my blogging has been on hiatus. Is it that I have nothing to say? Those of you whom know me personally would laugh out loud at that idea. Susan, lost for words? It's about priorities. Juggling them specifically. And for many craftspeople this time of the year is nothing but. Craft sales, orders, squeezing in family and fun! I can't believe that it has been almost two weeks since I posted anything. I promise that I will attack my blogging with renewed vigor!

Last week my external temperature controller finally arrived. Yippee! The first two box held equipment that was fairly simple and self explanatory with regards to installation. The third box, well it looked simple. However, it was not to be. Ian, my husband, reviewed the instructions and decided that it would be best left to an electrician. Charley Anderson to the rescue. Charley has been my knight in electrical armour for years. Whenever Ian can't figure it out, or feels it is best left to an expert, Charley saves the day. He came over last week, had a look at the parts and said it wouldn't be a problem. While I expected him this weekend, he didn't make it over. Hopefully tonight. We do have a bit of a time crunch. Lee is coming on Thursday (or is it Wednesday), to show me how to fuse. I guess I better check with Lee and Charley.

I am thankful for the knights in shining armour who come on a moments notice to save the day.

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