Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writing the project proposal

Now that Lee and I have met I can set about writing the two to three page written project proposal which must be submitted by October 15. I am to define both professional and personal goals that I will achieve during the program. As well, it must outline my project and include a budget.

This task was relatively easy. Through the reading that Lee gave me to do and our discussions, it was abundantly clear what I wanted/needed to learn and the equipment that I would require to complete the tasks. What was much harder, was to articulate my goals. Also, when we talk about personal goals, is it personal goals related to the mentorship or just personal goals. I don't see how a personal goal of mine to learn Greek has anything to do with the program, so I interpreted it to mean personal goals with regard to the mentorship.

So my personal goals for the mentorship include:
  • relentless devotion to daily improvement
  • continue to grow and develop my artistic practice
  • focus on improving technical skills
  • learn how to blog
  • improve my writing skills by maintaining a journal of the mentorship experience in blog format
  • develop and sustain artistic relationships
My professional goals for the mentorship include:
  • lay the groundwork of experimentation that will produce a body of work based on the mentorship experience
  • acquire the necessary additional equipment to be able to conduct the proposed work
  • learn the skills associated with the different aspects of warm glass
  • experiment with various surface decoration methods
  • develop potential designs for combining glass and clay
I am notorious for waiting until the last moment to meet a deadline, but I am happy to say that I was early. While I planned to be early, I emailed it even earlier than I thought because, for some reason, I was a day ahead of myself. I wonder if I can hot wire my brain for this to happen all of the time?

I am grateful for days that get turned upside down and leave me with happy accidents,

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