Saturday, October 31, 2009

Final Decisions

I hate to say it, but when the day to set up actually arrives, you are beyond caring. You're just glad that it 's almost over. Getting the work on the walls and pedestals seems like the least of it, but it isn't. It 's just as important as all of the rest of the work that you have done up until that point.

I arrived at the appointed hour at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery with my myriad of boxes. Greeting me was Les Potter and Judy Haraldson, Exhibition Coordinators, and the two summer students. All eagerly awaited the opening of the boxes. Their response was gratifying, in a dull disassociated way. Deciding what went where was a long, drawn out, necessary process. I encouraged the Coordinators to vet any pieces that they felt did not make a valuable contribution to the exhibition. In the end, we only left one piece out.

As I surveyed the final effect I was satisfied. It was good work. It was a good show. Now maybe I could catch up on my sleep!

I appreciate bone weary tiredness. It is the result of a good day's work.

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