Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lee Brady's Studio Visit

Well, my equipment was set up and ready to go except for installing the probe. I left that to do with Lee. He arrived Wednesday afternoon and the fun began. First, was to have a look at the equipment and install the probe. It was a good thing that I waited for him as I would have put the probe in straight which would have taken up a great deal of the kiln. Instead, he drilled on the diagonal, leaving more kiln room.

Our next ste
p was to teach me how to program the profiles. We went through the process he uses with his equipment. When we tested the profile, we discovered that it was different from his (although it is the same, but newer, equipment). We had to program it over again, discovering that the new system is much simpler. Yipee!

Then we got to play, creating pieces to fuse the next day. I also got Lee to teach me to pull stringers. The day was over before I knew it.

I am grateful that there will be more days like today.

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