Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Regional Meeting

Our first regional Mentorship meeting took place on Sunday,
November 1. Like many artist events, there was food. We had a potluck lunch that didn't disappoint. All but one person managed to attend. Anita Rocamora had recently returned from a ten day world wind tour of Korea and the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, so much of the discussion over lunch was about her experience. Canada was featured in the guest pavilion this year with their exhibition, Canada Unity & Diversity. Paula Cooley, one of mentees, had a ceramic sculpture included in the show. It was delightful to flip through the several catalogs that Anita brought back with her. She has promised to make them available through the Saskatchewan Craft Council at a later date. I eagerly look forward to having a good look at them then.
  • symbolism of light
  • memory of light
  • light painting/painting with light (I have to look up Eric Curry)
  • in abstract painting - one must consider where is the light coming from
  • pop art - optical illusions created by light and eye movement
These ideas will require further thought on my part.

Some other suggestions beg investigation. Plexiglass presents some interesting possibilities in combination with light and clay in sculpture. Plexiglass is available at the Co-op, but one must wear a mask when cutting. Thick plate glass, with sand blasted edges, set on edge and lit has intriguing effects. As does stacked triangles of glass. Any number of new things to try!

Last, but not least, was a comment about the success of a sculpture from Paula Cooley's perspective. Success is determined by the ability of the piece to animate space. Hum..... I've never thought of that. Will have to!

Our next meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2010.

Right: Paula Cooley, Kathleen Houston (right)

Left: Frances Robson, Anita Rocamora (standing), Lee Brady

I love discussions that provoke thought.

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