Thursday, March 18, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

Last year, I had an opportunity to connect with artists in a different way. I took part in a project called Artist Trading Cards in Regina. Sponsored by the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Regina Artist Trading Card Collective, artists were asked to submit 6, 3 .5 x 2.5 inch small works of art to an exhibition. At the end of the show your work is then traded with other artist's work and I received 6 wonderful little jewels to start my collection. What I had sent in last year were 6 small ceramic cards. This year I'm going to do 6 cards in glass.

One of the features that some artists included with their works is their name, address and date, a feature that I really like. Working in glass makes this challenging. I think that if I add a copper wire to each that I can attach a card to, it will allow me to provide that info without detracting from the piece itself. It will be fun creating these new little works of art!

I am grateful for opportunities to connect with other artists.

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