Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Application Process

The application process. Always challenging. How does one articulate a dream? But I wanted it so bad I could taste it. I really needed to get this mentorship. So, for once in my life, I started to work on the application early, not leaving it to the last minute.

To apply, I had to submit a letter of application with the following:
  • your reasons for wanting to be a participant
  • a brief written statement about my specific ambitions or goals as an artist
  • a brief outline of current work or specific projects that would benefit from support of the program
  • an explanation of how I would take full advantage of participating int he program, devote adequate time to the development of my projects and goals while balancing other commitments
  • a resume describing education, training, exhibitions, and related experience
  • ten images with slide list
I already had an Artist Statement and images on hand from my exhibition, Interplay. I also had an up-to-date resume (One of my anal-retentive habits. I religiously keep it up-to-date. Never know when you will need it.). But the rest. Well, I drafted and rewrote, sweated over, rewrote... You get the picture. Selecting just the right word or turn of phrase. Then I enlisted the help of my daughter who is studying at this time to become an editor.

My first stuff I sent to her came back red. And I thought that I could write. I rewrote and sent it back. It came back again with more red. Discussions ensued about content. More rewriting. More editing. Then finally, it was done. But was it?

I decided to send it to a friend who's opinion I value for her assessment (as a non-artist). Did it say what I wanted it to? When I asked her what she thought I was trying to do, her summary confirmed what I was trying to say. Eureka! The application was ready to submit. It had taken over a year to prepare.

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