Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let the Waiting Begin!

The deadline for submissions was July 15. I sent off my polished copy on July 13, ahead of the deadline (but not by much). I had done my best submission ever, had arranged for a great mentor and now I just had to wait. We were informed that the successful applicants would be notified the week of August 10.

I'm not much for waiting. It has taken me years to learn patience. So I tried to block it from my mind. From time to time, it would creep back into my thoughts along with the self-doubt. What is with us artists? We continually seem to see the worst. When we complete a piece, all we see is what is wrong with it, or what it could be, not all the good things it is. My husband, Ian, often shakes his head at me. For the thousands of "I love your work" that I receive, I only seem to hear the one negative thought. Is it just artists, or people in general who think this way?

I think it is time to change my ways and try to see the beauty and accomplishment in what I create. I still need to see the what could be, otherwise, there would be no growth. No experimentation. No pushing the envelope. But for the moment, in the moment of saying it's done, I will just bask in the glory of my own perceived genius and enjoy my work!

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