Monday, September 21, 2009

The Next Step.

My next step was to apply for a Saskatchewan Arts Board Individual Assistance Grant. I received the grant, which enabled me to take three months off from my production work and devote myself to exploring sculpture. During this period I deliberately broke away from what I was doing and played with different firing methods, larger forms, texture and working without colour. Through this process, I rediscovered primitive firing! I loved the lack of control and the immediacy of the process. The subtle effects of fire and smoke over the architectural forms . I began to look at ways of using form and texture to manipulate light.

It was also during this time that I found an image of a piece of jewelery that I found to be inspirational. The stone had a very landscape feel to it and I wanted to recreate that feeling in clay. I created a series of "wall jewels". As I made the pieces, I began to see the possibilities of incorporating glass and crystals into the work as a way to increase the dynamic tension and create greater contrasts. I have since become fascinated with following this line of investigation.

Unfortunately, I have little knowledge or understanding of glass. I realized that I need to acquire the technical knowledge and skills of working with glass. What was the best way to learn what I needed? The CARFAC Mentorship Program worked very well the last time. Would it work for me again?

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