Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our first meeting.

On September 13, I met with Lee Brady (pictured at right) to discuss our mentorship. While I had forwarded a copy of the proposal I had submitted to CARFAC, he hadn't got it. Seems that I had an old email address for him. Have you ever wondered where all the lost emails disappear to? Do they go to the same place as all the missing socks? But I digress!

We met over coffee at a really neat coffee house on Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada). We talked about the mentorship, what I hoped to accomplish and what I was interested in exploring. As it turns out, we are both working on investigating similar properties in our sculptural work. Lee is working on fused glass wall pieces that hang out from the wall,
playing with the refracted light colours on the wall. It was very exciting to discover common ground and to realize that this mentorship has the ability to benefit us both significantly.

Lee also brought some reading material for me and we discussed what equipment and materials that I would need during the year. We are given a small budget for materials/equipment. While I have some equipment (grinder, pliers, nippers), it seems that I will need to purchase a controller for one of my kilns. That kind of blows the budget out of the water. I'm going to look at the cost of retrofitting my new kiln and the cost of an external controller (Ramp Master). Any one know of where I can get a good used one cheap?

Our next meeting is the scheduled group meeting in Craik, Saskatchewan Canada on September 19. That's when we will get to meet all the other pairings.

A mean, cold northerly wind is blowing here today, reminding us that winter is just around the bend. So t
oday I am grateful for windbreakers.

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