Friday, September 25, 2009


On August 11, 2009 the news came that I was selected for a CARFAC Mentorship pairing. I was relieved and ecstatic about the news. Then with supreme arrogance, I acknowledged to myself that of course I got the Mentorship. Didn't I work hard on my application? Wasn't I clear about my goals? Didn't I spend hours polishing my proposal? Hadn't I found the perfect mentor?

The truth is, as I see it, is that the art world is subjective. Everyone one else who sends in an application has gone through the same process as you and has submitted a proposal every bit as good as you (or should have). The question is, is what you proposed of interest to the selection committee? Has it captured their interest?

Yes, there are some basic fundamentals to all applications that can see it screened out. Did you submit all the information required? Did you submit it on time? Are you images good, clear images? Are the images representative of what you are proposing and does it represent a body of work? Are you capable (preferably proven) that you can deliver on your promise?

Given that all proposals start on even ground, what makes yours stand out from the rest? In my limited experience I've come to the conclusion that it is three things. Honesty, clarity and passion.

Honesty of your work. By this I mean have you reached into your soul and created work that comes from within you. Pieces that have been made with sincerity and integrity; that reflect who you are and what you value at this particular point in time. Clarity. Have you clearly articulated your vision and what you hope to accomplish? And lastly, passion. Is it evident in what you have written that you are truly passionate about your vision? Does your enthusiasm shine through?

I'd be interested in hearing what others feel makes a winning proposal. Anyone out there?

Today I am grateful for youthful enthusiasm and exuberance. It brings a smile to my face.

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